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UQR Code generating QR Code for Custom Link, Current Page Url, Wifi, Google Maps , Number, Whatsapp, and post, page, WooCommerce, and custom post. It will display the front end as a canvas. User scanned on their smartphone and then go to the desired link.

Each QR code is unique and it will generate when you will publish any post, page, Woocommerce product, or any custom type posts.

It is also available for Elementor User, User will find ‘UQR Code’ addon in the elementor edit panel, they can use it very easily with multiple options. see details in documentation.

Download QR from the front end and you can bulk print from the plugin options panel.

**This QR code is generated with JavaScript and doesn’t need Google API dependencies.

Online Documentation


  • Current Url, Custom Url, Text, Number
  • QR Whatsapp Chat Access
  • QR Code Google Maps Location
  • QR Wifi Access
  • QRC Widget API
  • UQR for Post,Page, Product, and Custom Post Type
  • Elementor Adddon
  • Meta box Support
  • QR Shortcode API
  • Color setting (QR color and Background Color)
  • QR Code with Logo Support
  • QR Image Bulk Print as a PDF
  • Download the QR Code Image from the front end
  • Alignment setting
  • Easy to QR code size customize
  • Excluded from Post types
  • Live Preview

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