SupportPAN – Support Ticket System | Responsive and Mobile

RATING: 0     |     SALES: 10

SupportPAN script’s very simple to use and to install on your server. You can install it in a few minutes !

It’s optimized for mobile and computer.

Customer Features [Rank 0] :

  • Customer can log
  • Customer can register rapidly and simply
  • Customer can create ticket
  • Customer can choose priority on their tickets
  • Customer can choose product on their tickets
  • Customer can reply on their ticket only if it opened

Helper Features [Rank 1]:

  • Helper can log
  • Helper can reply on all tickets
  • Helper can close tickets if the problem is resolved
  • Helper can reopen tickets

Admin Features [Rank 2]:

  • Admin can log
  • Admin can add a new product
  • Admin can reply on all tickets
  • Admin can close tickets if the problem is resolved
  • Admin can reopen tickets
  • Admin can give a new rank to customer to become helper


[ Admin ] Login : Admin | Password : admin
[ Helper ] Login : Helper | Password : helper
[ User ] Login : User | Password : user

[02/07/2016] Add demo
[07/11/2016] Fix bug connexion
[07/11/2016] Clear database
[07/11/2016] Reduce the price
[08/11/2016] Upgrade disposition of elements in tabs
[08/11/2016] Add officially Helper rank
[08/11/2016] Add feedback when you try to connect with error
[08/11/2016] Fix bug send empty comment
[09/12/2016] Fix display bug rn
[09/12/2016] SupportPAN is totally responsive for mobile also

========= UPDATE =========

Product Author:saeran

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