evenue :: Custom email template

RATING: 3.8     |     SALES: 77

Evenue is a highly stylized HTML email template easily adaptable to any business type. Multiple PhotoShop files, a detailed help file and commented HTML make this template easy to customize to your needs.

Added new PSD files for the Top Header and Titles

• 9 PhotoShop files for all the design elements
• 2 commented HTML files
• Detailed help file

Please post your questions in the comments section. I will respond to them as quickly as possible. Usually within 24 hours. Please email me through my profile if you need any design help.

Thanks in advance for purchasing this template. I truly appreciate it. Although this is my first template here at Theme Forest, I have been in the business for a number of years and take pride in the quality of my work. I am here to help you out with any of your questions and look forward to your feedback and/or suggestions.

Product Author:barthook

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